What Is Wheel Balancing?

Balancing during the fitment of new tyres or wheel is of paramount importance to maintain a smooth enjoyable and vibration free ride. Balancing also prevents premature wear, making your tyres last even longer.

Tyres/Wheels that aren't balanced will usually produce a vibration, that makes driving uncomfortable and results in earlier wear to the suspension, steering components and tyres.

If your tyres/wheels need balancing you can usually tell by your steering wheel wobbling at and above a certain speed. This is a sure sign that you may need your tyres/wheels balancing. However it may not always be as obvious that you need balancing, some vehicles can mask the imbalance by the weight of the vehicle, in this case a tyre that is wearing quicker than usual can give you a clue.

All of the tyres/wheels we fit are balanced on the state of the art machine that balances them perfectly every time. The machine rotates the tyre/wheel and automatically calculates the precise weight and location of each counter weight.

We include the price of balancing in our fully fitted prices as we know how important it is. From the balancing of your tyres/wheels you will notice a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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