Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning

Every year the Air Conditioning in your vehicle can loose 10% of gas, which creates a less powerful system or one that isn't cold. We recommend a Air Con Re Gas every 2 years to keep you cool in the Summer months.

With over 75% of vehicles now coming with Air Conditioning as standard, it is now more common than every to need a Air Con Re Gas.

With air con parts such as the pipes being quite fragile and easy to tear, sometime an Air Con may need more than just a Re Gas. Our team of experts can asses your system to analyse if you need a replacement pipe or a Re Gas will suffice.

Our Air Conditioning Service doesn't require you to book and as it can be done while you wait. If you think your Air Con isn't performing to its full potential or would just like a quick check, pop into our Macclesfield Showroom, to keep cool in Summer.