4×4 Servicing

4x4 Servicing Macclesfield

Our 4x4 Servicing is the perfect service to ensure that your four wheel drive vehicle if performing to its full potential.

We employ 4x4 experts who have not only come straight from the Land Rover main dealer but live and breath 4x4s. This means you get a dealership standard service for an affordable price.

Prices start from £135 depending on the amount and type of oil used.

If you are unsure of the type of oil your 4x4 uses or you have any further questions on our 4x4 servicing packages, pop by our Macclesfield showroom where we can answer all of your questions.

4x4's We Service




Range Rover

Land Rover


Plus any other On or Off Road 4x4

Interim Service FAQs

Do I Need A 4x4 Service?
We recommend a 4x4 service every year to ensure your best chance of trouble free motoring
What Is The Difference Between Your Service & The Dealership
The only different between our service and a main dealers is the price, with some charging over 50% than we do for the same service. The parts we use are of Original Spec to what was put on by the manufacturer. The oils we use allow your car to perform to the best of its ability.
Is The Service Guaranteed?
Yes all the parts we use have a 12,000 or 12 month guarantee (which ever is sooner), so you can be assured of the quality of parts we use.